Project Design

Most people don't know this, but an architect designing a project is only required for specialized applications and projects over a certain square footage. For almost all residential projects, the contractor can design these projects as long as the framing is standard.

We at Chestnut Hill Renovations have the design software, updated building code requirements, and expertise to design most projects of a standard nature, such as additions, decks, residential new construction, interior layouts, and much more.


For specialized framing, we have architects and engineers which we use for approval when needed, and also work closely with interior design firms, which can put the finishing touches on your project, help with best utilizing the space you have to work with, and leave you with a finished product you'll love.

What does this mean for you? 

It means you will instantly save money on design costs, as we keep the design in-house and do not need to pay costly architecture firms. It means that you have more input on your project as we design the project around your needs, not what the architect feels would work best. it means that you get the most for your money and will be happier with the end result.