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Chestnut Hill Renovations
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We are proud to say that we warrantee our work at a much higher level than most of our competitors.

We inform our clients of the warrantees that come along with the building products we use to complete their projects. Depending on the product, warrantees can vary from 5 years to lifetime.

We always ensure that we install materials according to manufacturers guidelines. Sometimes these methods can take longer and cost more, so other contractors who are not following these guidelines can price jobs cheaper. However, if the manufacturer comes out to inspect for a warrantee situation, and finds the installer skipped even the smallest detail... they WILL NOT warrantee the project. This is a perfect example of why the cheapest price is not usually the best price.

In addition to the manufacturers warrantees, we offer a one year full warrantee on workmanship for most projects. If there's a special warrantee situation, we always inform and advise our clients to the best of our ability.

We go above and beyond to keep our clients happy, as we depend on you to refer us to everyone you know for us to stay in business. We will always make every effort to fulfill any reasonable requests.

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